Most of our deli products are made in our own kitchen, with home-grown produce and some sourced from various corners of South Africa.  Cool drinks include local baobab juices and imported soft drinks.

Delicious cooked meals are available from our shop freezer.

We usually have stock of Bobotie, Oxtail, Chicken a la King, Chicken Curry, Chicken stir fry, Chicken Potjie, Cottage pie, Macaroni Cheese, Bacon & Mushroom Pasta, Broccoli & Sweet Chili Pasta, Lamb Curry, Lamb Potjie, Pork & Apple Potjie and Cooked Roast Chicken, Beef Lasagne.

Meat is also available from our shop freezer/fridge:

Lamb chops, Pork chops, 300g Rumps Steaks, Free-range Chickens, Beef Mince, Boerewors, Venison Mince, Kudu Neck and Venison Wors.

Streaky bacon

Cold meats (Hickory Ham and Salami), Russians

Home Baked items can be made-to-order.

These consist of bran muffins, olive bread, sundried tomato bread, milk tarts, lemon meringues, cheese cakes, carrot cakes, crumpets, scones and many other on request.

Crunchies and Soetkoekie Rusks are usually sold out within days of a new batch being made.

Our Delicious Coconut and Oat based Breakfast Muesli/Granola is stocked.

Basic Vegetables, Cheese, Butter, Wood, Charcoal & Firelighters are kept in stock for local households and the folk with weekend/holiday houses in Wakkerstroom.

Dog & Cat Food - DeKotzenhof are agents for Montego

Preserves & Jams are a favorite line of many.

Some of our top sellers are Apple Chutney (eat your heart out Mrs Balls), Raspberry Jam, Peach & Ginger Jam,  Crab apple Jelly, papaya & Grapefruit, Sweet orange Marmalade, Plum Jam, Apricot Jam, 2 P’s Jam, Pear & Macadamia nut Spread, Rhubarb Jam and our new Honeysuckle Jelly.

Our latest trials which we are very happy with are Tomato & Orange Jam, Lemon Preserve and Naartjie and Grand Mariner Jam

These and many others can be ordered online if required.






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