At DeKotzenhof, we pride ourselves at enjoying the nature and beauty that surrounds us, and so are very aware of the impact that we have on our surroundings. We have systems in place to ensure that we reuse, reduce, and recycle as much as possible, treading lightly and protecting the area for the generations to come.

All waste is separated and recycled accordingly, and we have been doing this since we opened in 2014, before sustainability was the ‘Buzz-word”. We also have a number of compost holes, which feeds our garden beds and veggie gardens. Mostly locally sourced food products are used to prepare our breakfasts and dinners. And, of course we feed the birds at our bird tables with appropriate food waste.

We have reduced one-time use products and provide environmental-friendly amenities in dispensers. We don’t believe in using single use tea / coffee sachets, or single use butter/jam containers and we encourage Guests to purchase large bottles or water rather than 500ml at a time.

We recycle a large amount of grey water, including laundry water, to our wetland in our bottom land, with over 100m of pipeline installed to do this. The wetland is starting to produce a variety of dragon flies, frogs and the red bishops are returning annually to nest in the reeds and willow trees.

We have installed back-up water tanks and re-chargeable globes for load shedding, while we await solar installation, and the outcome of phase 2 (the financing part) of the IDC’s Green Tourism Incentive Program, where we were accessed in 2023.