3 Attractions

The main attraction of Wakkerstroom is the birding, with grassland and wetland birds in the region, its world renowned for a number of endemic birding specials, (the Rudd’s Lark, the Botha’s Lark and the Yellow Breasted Pipit) and hosts the South African Birdlife Centre. Experienced guides are available to take birders on guided drives or walks. DeKotzenhof has developed a small wetland on their property which is already attracting some interest from the frogs and herons, with birders enjoying the benches provided.

Being the second oldest town in Mpumalanga, the Wakkerstroom area is steeped in history.  (The main section of the Guest House was built in 1901.)  Many buildings have been restored to present a small quaint town revolving around the large church square, where sheep, goats and horses are found grazing next to the houses, and donkey carts can still be seen on occasion in the streets.

Mountain bikers, high altitude training, hikers, 4×4 enthusiasts, fisherman are also catered for in the area.

The scenery, sunsets and photo opportunities are fantastic.

The Art and Craft Ramble which DeKotzenhof hosted for 5 years (2015-2019) ever year in June for all who want to escape the city and explore up and coming artists, or take up a course, demo’s etc over the week-end, or just enjoy the country life. Sadly this event does not take place anymore. 

Nearby Volksrust has a golf course and bowling green, and we have provided Wakkerstroom with a Putt-Putt course at DeKotzenhof.

Beautiful wedding venues and a host of quaint churches makes Wakkerstroom a popular Wedding Destination, with DeKotzenhof being perfectly situated on the main tar road; easy access to all venues.  DeKotzenhof gallery/deli has gifts, snacks and even braai meat should there be a get-together beforehand!

And of course the popular annual fairs include the March ‘Classical Musical Festival’ where the town is sold out months before, April with the Easter Vlei Vees with some of South African Afrikaans singers, September Spring Fair at Dana (the retirement home) , together with the Easter and Christmas Markets.

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